Human Resources Management System

Manpower is the most important sector of any industry. KITS HRMS replace the manual and traditional HR sector for time-efficiency ,cost reduction and maximum productivity.Tasks like recruitment process, training and development, performance management, employee relations and employee retention.

KitsHRMS integrate all the functions of HRM under a specific software suite.With our advanced and customised reporting tools and task managers, KITS help in the automation of an organisation's human captital management.

Taking into consideration of industry,geography, culture and tradition, we offer different solutions to each system catering the needs.

E-hrm or HRMS help managers and organisation to assess,review,follow-up,critically evaluate and make decisions efficiently which inturn leads to decreasign cost and increasing productivity. It helps manager to employee gap to decrease and increase manpower efficiency.

Helps in filtering the cream employees in an organisation and avoid any time and cost cosuming activities with necessary analytical and reporting tools.
Our systems are easily expandable and modifiable according to time and space of any factors.